Book Author

  • A Million A Minute: Inside The World Of Securities Trading (1997, 1998) US, UK, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and audio editions
  • Follow Me Guide To Lower Manhattan (2004-2006)
  • Pain Is Not A Disease (2009)
  • The Two Blondes Restaurant Guide (2000-2006)


  • Hillary Davis: The World Around Me (current)
  • Bringing Out The Book In You (2005-2006)
  • His And Her Restaurant Guide (2004-2006)
  • Blonde Food (2004-2006)


iPhone App Developer

  • My Town Contacts – available free on the iTunes store

Web Site Developer

  • HillaryDavisTravelTV.com
  • tapunited.com
  • painisnotadisease.com
  • sheptoff.com
  • publicityetc.com (now offline)
  • hillarydavisgroup.com (now offline)
  • followmetolowermanhattan.com (now offline)
  • thetwoblondesguides.com (now offline)


  • 3/2009 Public Relations Society of America, in Hartford, CT, topic of speech: Crossover: Key To Long Term Career Success
  • 9/2006 Celebrity Cruise Lines, topic of seminar: Bringing Out The Book In You
  • 9/2005 NBC’s Connecticut Women’s Expo, topic of speech: Get Me To The Next Level!: “Why Women Should Publish To Achieve Their Dreams And Goals
  • 9/2005 New York City Pen Show, topic: Is Your Inner Voice Calling You To Write?
  • 5/2005 Celebrity Cruise Lines Guest Enrichment Lecturer
  • 3/2005 Center For Culinary Arts, CT, topic: Workshop In Publishing  A Book
  • 9/2004 Celebrity Cruise Lines Guest Enrichment Lecturer

Press Coverage


  • 4/2005  Half hour feature interview Chronicle TV (WMUR)
  • 4/2005 One hour feature interview on FYI New Hampshire’s Book Talk
  • 11/1997 Fifteen minute feature profile on B Sky B Television News (London)
  • 11/1997 Half hour feature interview on Bloomberg Business News (London)
  • 11/1997 Half hour feature interview on CNBC (European) Money Wheel (London)


  • 9/2005 Half hour feature interview with Mary Jones Midday Talk Show (CT)
  • 7/2004 Hour feature on Good News Broadcasting (NYC)
  • 5/2004 Half hour feature interview with Sandy Fenton’s Talk Show on WHP580
  • 2/2003 Half hour feature interview with Lucas Paris’ Talk Show on WBK-Keene
  • 4/1998 Half hour feature interview on BBC 4’s “Legacy of Wealth” (London)
  • 10/1997 Half hour feature interview on BBC Radio 1 (London)


  • 9/2010 “Quick Look: Cantine Restaurant,” New Hampshire Magazine
  • 2/2010 Chocolate Challenge 2010 Judge, New Hampshire Magazine
  • 1/30/2010  “Got an idea? Make an app”, The Keene Sentinel/Buisness
  • 1/27/2010 “Emergency Leads To New iPhone App”, Nashua Telegraph
  • 1/19/2010  iPhonemom Review of My Town Contacts app
  • 1/18/2010 O’Dwyers PR Blog Review
  • 1/18/2010 “Five Questions About New iPhone App”, Concord Monitor
  • 1/12/2010  Appshouter.com Review of My Town Contacts app
  • 9/2006  “Planning For A Self-Financed Retirement,” by Hillary Davis, CT Business Magazine
  • 9/2006 “There’s No Place Like a Dream Home,” by Hillary Davis, Home Living Connecticut
  • 7/2006 “Renovations: Adding Comfort and Value,” by Hillary Davis, Home Living Connecticut
  • 6/2006 “Money Getting Dearer?,” by Hillary Davis, CT Business Magazine
  • 9/2005 “Girlfriends Escape to NYC this Fall,” Crofton News-Crier
  • 9/2005 “A Bistro Majoring in French,” by Hillary Davis, New Hampshire Magazine
  • 12/2004 “Tips From The Divas,” New Hampshire Magazine
  • 7/8/2004 “Insider’s Guide To Lower Manhattan”, downtown express
  • 5/2004 “Follow Her: A New Guidebook to Lower Manhattan,” Voices of Lower Manhattan
  • 5/2004 Tastes of New England Dining Review by Hillary Davis: Cafe at Noone Falls
  • 5/2004 Tastes of New England Dining Review by Hillary Davis: Dolphin Striker Restaurant
  • 4/2004 Tastes of New England Dining Review by Hillary Davis: The Fitzwiliam Inn
  • 3/2004 “Follow Me Guide to Lower Manhattan,” Books in Review
  • 3/2004 Tastes of New England Dining Review by Hillary Davis: Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Cafe
  • 2/2004 Tastes of New England Dining Review by Hillary Davis: Leslie’s Tavern
  • 2/2004 “Restaurants With Extraordinary Desserts,” by Hillary Davis, New Hampshire Magazine
  • 1/2004 Tastes of New England Dining Review by Hillary Davis: Pesce Bleu
  • 1/2004 Chocolate Challenge Judge, New Hampshire Magazine
  • 12/2003 Tastes of New England Dining Review by Hillary Davis: Post Office Square Cafe
  • 12/2003 “A Gastronomic New Year’s Eve,” by Hillary Davis, New Hampshire Magazine
  • 8/2003 “Two Blondes Offer Tips On Restaurants,” The Union Leader
  • 7/2003 Expert Picks by Hillary Davis, New Hampshire Magazine
  • 6/2003 Gourmet Buzz by Hillary Davis, New Hampshire Magazine
  • 5/2003 “Two Blondes Guide Dishes Out Region’s Good Eats,” Nashua Telegraph
  • 5/2003 “Blonde Book Signing,” Peterborough Transcript
  • 4/2003 “New Blonde Guide for 2003,” Monadnock Ledger
  • 11/2002 Tastes of New England Dining Review by Hillary Davis: “Two Blondes Make One Great Restaurant Guide”
  • 6/2002 “Chow Down With The Two Blondes,” New Hampshire Magazine
  • 3/2002 “A Lot To Digest,” New Hampshire Business Review
  • 12/2001 “Guide Features Local Restaurants,” The Keene Sentinel
  • 9/2001 “Two Blondes Take On The Food World,” Mondadnock Ledger
  • 12/17/1998 “Ready Or Not, Internet Shapes Way We Invest,” Investor’s Business Daily
  • 12/1998 “Veteran Trader’s Intriguing Portrait of the Trenches,” Traders Magazine
  • 10/1998 “A Million A Minute,” Good Book Guide, London
  • 1/1998 “A Million A Minute,” Computer Business Review, London
  • 1/1998 “Words of Wisdom,” the investor, London
  • 1/21997 “Monthly Rundown of the Latest-and Best- Busines Books,” Real Business, London
  • 11/23/1997 “Net Shifts The Balance,” Mail on Sunday, London
  • 9/18/1997 “Of Mice and Men and Money,” Michael Thompson-Noel, Financial Times, London

Book Endorsements:

A Million A Minute:

“Hillary Davis captured the essence of the world I represent. Her outstanding insights, coupled with her writing excellence, have produced a powerful and commanding piece of literature.” – Leo Melamed, Chairman Emeritus, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

“Hillary Davis is a woman of many talents…her fast moving book successfully captures the excitement of the trading room as well as a trader’s hectic pace and activities.” – William E. Simon, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

“Hillary Davis, the author of this impressive, accessible, up-to-date and sometimes exhilarating study of the free market warriors who make up the international trading community, thinks our money is in safe hands…This is an excellent book!” – Michael Thompson-Noel, The Financial Times (London)

“Hillary Davis’s book, A Million A Minute, has captured the drama and the dilemma of the huge new force in world affairs represented by the explosion in money movement and capital flows.” – Stanislas Yassukovich, former Chairman, Merrill Lynch Europe; former Chairman of EASDAQ

“This fascinating work bursts the bubble of misconception about the financial community.” – Real Business Magazine (London)

“Like the juiciest celebrity journalism, A Million A Minute takes us inside an exotic world—where colorful men and women wield great wealth and power. The book engagingly imparts an appreciation of this world through intimate profiles of its most innovative stars.” – Barry Mitzman, Amazon.com Review

“Davis says there have been surprises in the revolution in retail stock trading sparked by the Net. One is that big brokerages never thought small investors would be so fast to bypass professional traders and trade directly on the Net using small discount brokers.” – Doug Tsurouoka, reporter for Investor’s Business Daily

“A Million A Minute is an excellent profile of the people who are at the cutting edge of global financial trading and helps to explain why markets increasingly seem to behave in an irrational manner.” – The Investor (London)

“….a number of recent writers have tried to divine the mind of the market. Davis, instead, is interested in its heart and soul.” – Booklist

“A fly-on-the-wall insight into the world of the financial markets. In a candid style, Davis describes the rise and role of traders, and the challenges they face, and brings the reader to the forefront of the electronic future.” – Good Book Guide, London

Follow Me! Guide To Lower Manhattan:

“No one has explored Lower Manhattan like Hillary Davis. It’s all here for you to experience and enjoy. Even if you lived there your whole life, you really don’t know this place till you read this book.” – Regis Philbin, TV Host

“Having lived in the place myself, I assure you that Hillary Davis tells everything there needs to be known about Lower Manhattan.” – P. J. O’Rourke, New York Times Best Selling Author, Modern Manners, Bachelor’s Home Companion, Parliament of Whores, Holidays in Hell

“Hillary Davis has written an engaging, heartfelt and authoritative guide that captures the true essence of Lower Manhattan. She brings this vital area of the city to life. You’ll be entertained and inspired, and most importantly —knowledgeable when you come to visit.” – Drew Nieporent, Restaurateur: Nobu, Tribeca Grill, Corton, The Coach House

“Hillary Davis’ book …tells us in 1625 four Dutch West India ships named the Mackerel, the Horse, the Sheep, the Cow, sailed into New York Harbor. A year later, Peter Minuit bought all 14,000 Manhattan acres from the local Indians. Right. And today you can’t get downtown in a cab for what Pete paid for the whole place.” – Cindy Adams, Page Six, New York Post

“Lower Manhattan is a gorgeous place to walk around and sightsee and Hillary Davis’ book has some great walking tours. She’s included little details which one could easily miss plus some very interesting historical information….and she’s given us plenty to drool over in her restaurant recommendations too.” – Adrienne Petterson, Books in Review

“Davis spent two years gathering anecdotes, getting restaurant tips from friends, and spending time in libraries, museums, and historical societies to research the area history and write the guide.” – Erica Stein, downtown express

“The sadness and anger she felt in the wake of September 11 inspired her to revisit her notes (from ten years earlier when she lived in Lower Manhattan) and turn them into something: a guide book to Lower Manhattan. Davis decided to work on the book while volunteering for Mayor Bloomberg’s mayoral campaign in 2001. The resulting 300 page tome is part history lecture, part guided walking tour, part personal narrative, accompanied by exhaustive dining and shopping listings.” – Amy Zimmer, Voices of Lower Manhattan

“I highly recommend Hillary Davis’ Follow Me Guide to Lower Manhattan. Her walking tours of Ground Zero, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and Broadway were one of the best I’ve ever seen. They were very easy to follow, helpful and detailed.” – Linda Blachlyl, Crofton News-Crier

“You were a great guest….just listen!” – Sandy Fenton, “Let’s Talk Travel,” WHP 580 Talk Radio

Two Blondes Restaurant Guide:

“Davis lived in England and France for more than 20 years and worked for a year in London restaurants while researching a book on becoming a great chef. Beaulieu has traveled the world as a principle in a film production company.” – The Keene Sentinel

“But, really, the best thing about the guide is that it’s just plain fun to read. It almost makes one long to share a meal with the two blondes…..” – Jane Ecklund, Monadnock Ledger

“These two fans of the thriving dining scene make a point of stopping by all the newest eateries and have many revealing details to share in their guidebook.” – New Hampshire Magazine

“These ladies’ love of good food and ambiance, as well as their love for the region, is evident in each review. I would strongly suggest picking up this informative book and perusing it for your next dining experience.” – Tastes of New England

“In researching The Two Blondes Restaurant Guide, Beaulieu gained four pounds, she allowed, and Davis gained eight. Is restaurant reviewing hard work? “Oh, if this is called work,” Beaulieu said,”give me more work!” – Steve Sherman, Monadnock Home Companion

“In pursuit of prime dining experiences, the two blondes travel—and eat—extensively, sometimes indulging in two lunches a day.” – Lynn Tryba, Nashua Telegraph

“Despite the humorous writing, the criteria are fairly stringent. Absolute cleanliness, both in the kitchen and in the dining area, is a must. A pleasant wait staff is just as necessary.” – Cindy Kibbe, New Hampshire Business Magazine

“Hillary Davis is a perfectionist. That matters when you have a TV guest.” – Kevin Flyn, reporter for Chronicle TV (CBS)


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